elbow greasing

Portfolio reviews have been an interesting question to me. They show how creative executives are so well insulated for the most part that you have to maximize your possibilities to being heard by dropping some cash and a weekend just for the opportunity to meet them. It’s business speed dating with the greater sense of desperation.


It’s going to hurt.

The thing is, you’re going to have to drop cash to meet these people anyway. There’s yourself or by proxy cold-calling, emailing, sending promos, etc. to possibly get through the barrier. They’re getting bombarded daily by people who like money just as much as me… Hell, probably even more. It’s the equivalent of my spam folder and the digital Everest of sexual stimulation drugs that stain it.

Anyway, I’ve done two reviews thus far. What I’ve seen from them is an instant rise to billions of dollars is that most of the people recall me, frequently by name and works, when I come across them in other situations. It’s important once you meet with these professionals to use the momentum in attempting to communicate with others as well as utilizing the understanding of tone that you might have gathered about that individual and their company. I ran into one lady at a huge agency who came up to me, gave me a hug, and said that she had received my email but will get to it within the next few weeks. That came without any prompting from me. Sometimes things take a long time for the results you want.

The cost of doing business…

2 thoughts on “elbow greasing

  1. As one of the Creative Executives who recently dedicated a weekend to Portfolio Reviews, the very last thing we can afford to be is insulated.

    The recent economic crisis has done one thing which is very positive: it has brought to the fore those who are original and truly excel at their craft – whether it be photography or design – and left behind many who have been getting a free ride for some time.

    In Los Angeles, positive feedback is abundant – whether warranted or not. The best way to ‘maximize your possibilities’ and be heard is to excel at what you do and create memorable, relevant and current work that has a point of view. Trust me, if the work is amazing and relevant, it never goes unnoticed.

    Darwinism at it’s best.

    • Thank you, Talin. As you’ve pointed out, the shake up has stripped the veneer off of the ship. It is important to be pragmatically invested in your vision and efforts. There are so many people who are excellent in their skills that a person really can’t expect to skate by on “good enough”. This dynamic that you have pointed out is where a person with a track record can develop a sense of entitlement that results in zombie-like behavior: same complaints, same efforts, same unsatisfying results.

      I recall being pumped up leaving the review because after a very soft month I felt like the review was a facet of improving my business by meeting with various the creatives, sitting at tables with people who are doing regularly what I like doing, and really just feeling them out. There was a bit of deflation because 20 minutes later the high is crashing into the reality that I immediately want that feeling again.

      Dues get paid daily and I sincerely appreciated your words then as I do your comments here.

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