Technolust Revisited

At the new Canon facility in Hollywood last Wednesday I put my hands on the new 5Dm3 and c300. Given my recently broken in running shoes, Mason the Canon rep had to remind me that he had his eyes on me. That didn’t deter me. I was bold as love.

ooo laa laaa

The c300 is solid and handles well. There’s a redundancy in controls which allows for many of the same functions to be trigger from wherever you’re holding the damnable beast. It’s black metal base and red trim matched my kicks. I really should have bolted with it and said what the hell. It is available to rent at several facilities so I cut Canon some slack. Maybe not next time though.

The very next day Canon lets loose the c500 and 1Dc. Damn, Mason, where was my heads up on that?

I had to ground myself and remind myself that there are more fish in the sea so I dove to the store and put my hands on the Sony A55 and a bunch of other gear. All this new tech is pretty cool. It eliminates a lot of excuses. A world with less excuses smells better.

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