FM’s Ronin

Back in ’97 or 98 or so, I recall being fed up with publishing and wanting to go back into filmmaking – specifically animation. Oh, my triumphant return awaited me. I had just broken both of my hands after attempting to punch my way through someone’s Japanese import car so I decided it was a good time to call up DC Comics and see if I could buy the movie rights to Frank Miller’s Ronin.

If you intend to die, you can do anything

Despite being extremely lacking in funds, I was past perturbed to have heard a report almost a year later that Darren Aronofsky had bought the rights to it. I wasn’t sure of the authenticity of the report but I had gone head first into some new thighs things and was working on building up my production studio for my epic sci-fi flick (the one that I was going to do all of the VFX) so I obviously had moved onto other mountains. But I guess I like to do looney shit like that. Voodoo Child stuff, find a mountain and chop it down with the edge of my mangled hands.

Artritis is kicking the hell out of my fingers this month. It’s not encouraging my outlook towards the future. Today I remembered that I should have named my last blog post, “If you intend to die, you can do anything” which was the tag line for the Ronin promotions. Over the years I lost 3 various posters of that promo. 20 some odd years later, I’m still a little pissed off about it. However, I guess what I meant to say during last post would have been summed up by the kamikaze spirit of that quote.

In my teens and early 20s it was my mantra to a degree. Being a bit bat-shit crazy makes something like that readily identifiable. Cleaning up, I came across one of my trades of it. I think the singles got eaten up during hell year. Aside from the arthritic joints and increasingly intempererate disposition, I’m not too far removed from having that book firing up my nervous system. It’s difficult to maintain that crazy fire when you have a little version that you want to see grow into the big original. But he has his own fire burning burning just as hot. So I think we can do anything. 

Frank Miller’s RONIN

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