Jobbing out

I just had a conversation with a colleague about jobbing out work. For years he has been keeping up with the various technologies and coding and a few months ago it had gotten to a point of intolerance. There was a simple job staring at him from the monitor and he falling behind in his refusal to break out of his malaise and start the job. The bulb went on over his head – He had a little extra cash in the budget and called a coder up.

Dude: “I need someone to code this.”

Coder: “I can code it for $100.”

Dude: “I got $75.”

Code: “I can code it for $75.”

In a fit of inspiration dude calls the client.

Dude: “I have to bring in another person. You’ll need to kick in $X to make the difference.”

Client: “Ok. Make it happen.”

That extra money goes to help get the job done and subsidizes the cost of hiring a freelancer. Basic business but it’s an example of work smarter, not harder. Back when he and I were breaking into the industry via the temp agencies, I had gotten wind of the huge amount of money companies were paying for our efforts in relation to the cut that we were receiving. Dot com times allowed some companies to be totally cool with getting gouged. With the global economic plight, it’s easier to find quality cats who will work for rates previously ascribed to the green. It would seem for individuals to act more like companies if they want to expand their horizons. The individual is always primed to be squeezed. It’s just more so during cutthroat times.

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