juggling nothing

Looking at my calendar I’m seeing minimal self-produced shoots scheduled. I’m supposed to be nailing 6 new series for my book, 3 new spots for my commercial reel, 2 assembly edits for documentaries, 1 day re-shoot on a narrative. There isn’t a true deadline for anything. It can be hard to be your own client.

And it’s hard to be your own sales person. The 3 largest opportunities upcoming were procured by a friend. I don’t have enough friends like that. This technological communicative barrier is even more daunting for me than the old corporate music structure in which I had to deal. Used to be call for creative list, call, mail, fax. Eventually get a human. It took me 2.5 years to reach someone with power at Atlantic Records and part of that came from meeting that person at a music convention. Now it’s subscribe to a listing, e-blasts, direct to voicemail. Hell, what am I complaining about? On rare instance of human response you have to be prepared with a silver-honeyed tongue. *Flick*

The obvious thing, so it would seem, is that movement brings more movement. I recently decided to restart my fight series and I’ve had a flood of actors hitting me up to do it. They’re not working and are looking for any kind of outlet, experiences, possibilities. Me too.

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