I hate paperwork. It’s easily my tragically flaw. I’ve lost money, humans, the antidote to stupidity, just by virtue of the total ludicrous relationship that I have with chaos. When things are tight you can’t have a bunch of b.s. slowing you down: sifting through ying yang. When I used to guest speak at seminars in my DVD AD days, I would suggest that they focus on learning to talk to people rather than elements of design. If they were committed to design then they should always have a writing implement and paper by them. When doing motion or broadcast, I continuously jot down values and notes.

Yin yin or yang yang?

Parlay that to the photography side of things, I similarly suggest that you pause wanking to the Profoto catalogue and work on establishing and organizing a database. I’m no puppy anymore and just a couple of months ago I finally learned how to print on mailing labels. I hadn’t done one since Wordstar (count the rings on that reference). Even worse, it took me a epoch to figure out that I really should utilize mailing labels instead of my disinterested chicken scratch. Set template, print, stick, mail. If you’re a dandy, you can hire the mailing service directly from the printer in addition to your grey poupon. Pip! Pip! Old beane.

The 4×6 costs for whatever chose to have it printed. It presently costs $0.27 to mail through the U.S. Those who receive them get to hold them in their hand for the length of dime it takes to drop into the round folder of ultimate organization. If photo synchronicity hits, maybe that plucky little card makes it to the wall of maybe. Because you’re not on the path of meifumado you noted when you sent that promo and by a self-allocated time on the sand dial you’re making your merriment on the joyful path of cold calling. And now you’ve written down when you got to their voicemail. It’s so wonderful.

But you can’t have that kind of fun if you’re not willing to do the basics. Sparkly pictures can get you pats on the head from mommy. Everyone else wants money. Me, too.

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