promo fever

The large book (15×11 about) from mypublisher came in and is much higher quality than the ~5.5×7.5s. I got a winkflash 12×12 with its Summer sale and the bulk of the pages look like an old school ink jet. So be it.

The unintended cool thing was that I stopped by the APA meeting and dropped the MyPub book on my photographer homegirl Naoe ( then walked away. When I had come back, the book had been viewed by a few people. Fernando, who I met because of this, pulled me over to the side and gave me some constructive criticism which I appreciate. I liked the metaphor: The first half of the book, you’re tearing down the rims and shaking the building. By the end you seemed to have tired out and are blowing lay ups.

The book itself was a test to see how it would turn out. But honestly to myself, I’m not printing another book until I have a set of new pictures that I’m arguably a distance away from shooting. Really, I should have organized the book with that in mind. It’s not that I feel the shots lost as much steam as much as some didn’t belong because of stylistic shifts. I guess my point is, if you do something that might see its way into a viewing public do it right so there’s no need for explanation. Overall, I’m cool with the book but I’m eager to get some new things going so I can try some additional book printers.

tweaking the archive

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