Somebody saaaaave me…

Gaawd! Smallville again. I thought Season 6 was my last turn at the wheel but apparently not. And I’m cool with that. Everything has been Blu-Ray on the home entertainment end so getting the call to chop and blend the standard def was a bit unexpected however, it’s old hat by now. DVD Motion menus from that company had dropped down to 2 a year or so.

One thing that I had somewhat forgotten was that the show is lensed beautifully. It might not fit my aesthetic but I’m not representative of the target audience. The crew really know what they’re doing because they can go from there standard faux 80s/early 90s heavy gel, to a black and white noir, to a digital bleach bypass and maintain a consistency of tone. The green screen work on occasion comes up a bit short (HEAVY deadlines) but for the most part they are excellent and have grown in mixture of appropriation and assimilation into their personal style. This season has long plates of ramping, zooming, warping which has at times left me wanting to salute the VFX crew.

But I made the mistake of watching unsolicitedly an episode on air this past Friday. I won’t be making that mistake again. When I’m choosing footage and pulling stills I’m ordinarily viewing at double and quadruple time. Real time… you hear them talk. It was unnecessarily unpleasant. Smallville™ needs 13 more seasons because I need 13 more checks from them. When the executives stare into Tom Wellings’ eyes “no” should never be on their minds. I need 13 more checks.

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