jack of all jacked up

Quicksand. Sinking. Struggle to get out. Hence: can’t eat, can’t work, can’t give a f*!k about 3DTV. The balance, you can’t go forward without actually progressing. I let a former friend stay in my warehouse for 3 years. She spent those 3 years “studying” with no regard to me essentially paying for education. When the clock struck “gethefuckout”, all of that studying had yielded no results.

At some point, there is only do, action, movement… pedal to the metal.


I have to remind myself of that. Transitioning new business foci requires a certain amount of mad scientist attention to detail and interest in obliterating the known universe. Dig up the cadavers, dust off the beakers, prepare the overthruster-charged theremin and get to it. But man, when the angry mob of creditors have torches with intentions to burn your ass it’s more difficult to find the grace that simple quips would seem to make things be. Life – definition 112: seeking balance through the chaos.

Library: 3-year old source books. Some companies no longer exist but you’re not dropping $200 for something that is already obsolete if you’re trying to save loot. Notepads for each project because information has to be organized or your time goes goodbye.

My adbase subscription is up for renewal and I’m perusing the other options for researching companies as the emailer feature is of lessor concern to me.

Today’s word is similar to yesterday’s: Bah.

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