Gregorian Chants

Well, I certainly had that Winter ’09 thing wrong. Dead as a doornail. However, I’m fired up about putting a knife to ’09’s carotid vessel and moving on with the show.

I’m treating the arrival of the new calendar year like a cat burglar embedded in the rafters. When the NYE idiot bullets start flying, I’ll be barricaded and all up between the pages of a book while capturing some documentary footage. 365 days of Escape from 2009. Hard driving towards better results of 2010. Fuck nostalgia. Let’s this dog die.

I have new agenda to cultivate 2 apprentices: not assistants. After doing some manual labor in the rafters at my ex-gf’s mother’s pad (insulation and AC fortification) my knees confirmed that “I’m too old for that shit”. Enter the 18 and 20 year old knees. Piss and vinegar. Big ideas and limited direction. Ah, to be a dictator again!

This is the new time and all the lessons I’ve learned and re-learned over 2009 is are preparation towards a new perspective. Adios old year.

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