Get Your Head In the Game

Is that light the end of the tunnel or a train? Nuclear winter is upon us. Those in entertainment ordinarily might as well not expect any new work until late January/February right around Halloween time. Strangely though, I’m not sold on that as a certainty at the moment.

Last year’s nuclear winter was rough. I had ZERO gigs during that time. The year prior I probably worked half of that 3 month cycle as well as the previous year. Most of that was covering for people who were going on vacation. Last year’s uncertainty left a lot of people staying local. With the increasing hardships, I’m banking on people staying local, hustling a bit more and having their ears and eyes open to field some new ideas.

What I’m looking at is putting things on paper and start hounding some more potential eyeballs. Proposals, personal portfolio shoots, organ donation, contract kills. I’ve been reading a few blogs ( eg. ), some forums (eg. ), some podcasts (eg. Adbase) and some books (eg. “The Photographer’s Survival Guide”) all to come to the conclusion that I don’t have enough work at present moment to be reading all of this material and not actually be grinding out the communication. None of the learning materials will fully prep you. Business is an ever-changing and fluid path. Read and bump your head as you go. But go go go go go go.

Fatigue. Working on video treatments. The deal hasn’t been sealed so I can’t babble further at the moment about them.



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